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World Vegan Day Melbourne

November 10, 2014
Eat fruit and vegetables for a healthier diet

A vegan diet involves eating food that contains no animals products – no meat, eggs or dairy.


World Vegan Day (WVD) in Melbourne is an incredibly positive event promoting a simple and kind lifestyle. WVD Melbourne is “a community festival promoting a healthy and compassionate lifestyle.”

WVD has been celebrated in Melbourne each November for the past 10 years. This year in 2014, WVD was celebrated in Melbourne on Sunday the 9th of November as a free event at the Melbourne Showgrounds in Ascot Vale.

There was plenty going on throughout the day including talks, cooking demonstrations and live music.

For pictures of the event, check our the WVD Melbourne’s Facebook album. Another blog, Veganopoulous, took some stunning images of WVD Melbourne you should check out.


World Vegan Day Melbourne Advert

Check out the WVD Melbourne on Facebook.


Food & Info at World Vegan Day in Melbourne

My experience of WVD was really positive and almost entirely food related.

As we entered the showgrounds, musicians on a sunny stage shared their tunes with attendees. Some sang regular songs of love, loss, happiness and friends. Others uniquely sung songs about animal rights and veganism.

One hall was filled with stalls showing off a range of delicious vegan food stuffs including dahl, curries, wraps, protein balls, pancakes, slices, chocolate and cupcakes as well as luscious liquids like coconut water, kambucha, smoothies, cold coffee and fresh juices. Throughout the day, there were demonstrations from local food bloggers, cookbook creators and business owners. This hall was constantly teaming with people wanting to taste the wide variety of vegan treats.

Another hall was filled of stalls with friendly people with piles of information related to veganism such as animal farming and welfare. Some stalls were offering consumer products such as bags, shoes, soap and clothing while other stalls wanted to share ideas about spirituality and animal care.

Throughout the day there were free talks from local experts about a range of vegan related topics including animal rights, vegan athletes, sustainable diets and how to speak out about veganism.

WVD also had a speed dating section! If you’re a passionate vegan or wanting to meet someone who is more likely to be compassionate, events like WVD could be the place to go.


Albert Einstein quote Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.

It’s common knowledge that eating more fruit and vegetables will help your body to perform better but even Einstein thought we should move away from eating animals.


Vegan Diets for the People, Plant & Animals

More people have become vegans simply because they care. They care for the planet, they care for people and they care for animals.

Although I am not vegan, I can appreciate the nutritional benefits of a vegan diet and the environmental benefits for animals that vegans are trying to promote in the world.

There are many reasons why someone would choose to eat a vegan diet. Some choose to go vegan because they want to eat only natural products. Some don’t want to eat slaughtered animals. Some don’t want to eat any farmed animal related products namely eggs or dairy. Some want to be vegan so they can lose weight. Some want to try to cure diabetes with a plant based diet. Some don’t want to be fooled by food marketing techniques.

The well respected talk show host Ellen Degeneres is vegan and believes in the power of positive thinking. Ellen explains that if we’re putting food into our bodies that is filled with anxiety or fear, then that energy is going to transfer to us.

No matter what the reasons are behind going vegan, we can all appreciate the commitment it takes to live a certain lifestyle – especially in relation to health.

A good video which summarises this holistic vegan world view is Vegan for the Plant, for the People and for the Animals.



Part Time Vegans

If you love eating meat and don’t want to change your diet but would like to decrease your animal intake, perhaps consider being a weekday vegetarian or vegan.

Being vegan shouldn’t be so black and white.  Most seem to be all in or out being vegan or vegetarian or using any other diet. We need to relax about putting labels on things then being disappointed when those labels don’t stick. We should adopt wholesome habits to improve our lives and leave the rest.

You can be vegan and unhealthy. Actually, there’s plenty of vegan food that isn’t healthy. Officially, most potato chips as well as Oreos are vegan. Many common products strangely contain animal ingredients. Any one can choose to be vegan, or mostly vegan, or just partly vegan, and live a very healthy life.

There are strong arguments to eating animal products only some of the time – see below the TED talk about Being a Weekday Vegetarian.



Potential Arguments Against Vegan Diets

If you’re adhering to any type of rigid diet, there will always be pros and cons.

There’s been an article being shared on social media lately which rationalises eating meat and tries to prove that choosing to not eat animals will cause more harm to animals. This 2011 article was written from an Australian perspective so many of the ideas cannot be applied worldwide.

Here’s a simple view, eating animals uses more resources. It takes more water, food and land to farm animals. The costs of raising an animal to eat are much higher than farming plants, therefore eating plants will have a lower impact on the environment rather than animals.

Many people also try to disprove the benefits of veganism but as with any diet it depends on how you execute it.


A Wholesome Diet

If you choose wholefoods that feed your body with the nutrients it needs, while not including animal products, that’s a win.

We simply need to ensure we have a healthy diet so that our body can operate at it’s most wholesome level. Veganism is a great way to go about this.



  • Have you been to a vegan event?
  • Do you think you could adopt a vegan diet?
  • Would you consider being a part time vegan or vegetarian?
  • Do you think the lifestyles of animals affect the quality of the animal products?
  • If you eat meat, do you know where the meat comes from?

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