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Gabrielle Bernstein in Melbourne

January 12, 2015
Gabrielle Bernstein from Instagram

(Cover photo from Instagram user kirstiefitzgerald.)

Gabrielle Bernstein is a best-selling author and a new thought leader. And she’s sharing her wild spiritual journey with the world. She came to Melbourne in early January to share some of her Spirit Junkie insights.

Gabby grew up with a hippy mother who took her to ashrams and taught her to meditate while she was still in high school. Like most of us, there were some events in Gabby’s life that caused her to create false stories about herself e.g. success = love.

Once Gabby was in her mid-twenties, she had all the outside things people would deem as successful. She started her own PR business, she was known all around New York, she partied all the time.

But she also had an alcohol and drug habit.

At a point, Gabby realised these things in her life were not serving her as she still felt unfulfilled on the inside. She prayed for a miracle and heard her intuition tell her, ‘get clean and you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams’.

Gabby got clean and started to live in the light and embraced her full potential.


If your presence doesn't work, neither will your word quote by Yogi Bhajan

“Your presence is your power.” Gabrielle Bernstein


Since 2010, Gabby has published an book every year filled with spiritual guidance:

  • Add more -ing to Your Life: -ing meaning inner guide, or intuition or God or universe or angels or whatever you would like to call our Higher Power.
  • Spirit Junkie: spiritual guidance combined with Gabby’s personal story of transformation.
  • May Cause Miracles: a 40 day journey of transformation including daily affirmations, journaling and reflection. A very powerful book.
  • Miracles Now: 108 tools to enhance our lives with tips on meditation, love, forgiveness, health, gratitude, addiction, stress and prayer.

Gabby is a student and teacher of the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles. One of her mentors is Marianne Williamson and I’ve reviewed her book, The Gifts of Change. Even without reading A Course in Miracles, we can tell that the students of this text are very self-aware and they continuously strive to live in a place of love. Gabby also practises Kundalini yoga and meditation, as well as being an advocate of Tapping and Transcendental Meditation.

In 2012, Gabby appeared on Oprah beside other thought leaders Marie Forleo and Mastin Kipp (the creator of The Daily Love). Gabby also appears in interviews with many other inspiring light workers such as Marianne WilliamsonMarie Forleo, Kris Carr, Kate NorthrupGala Darling, Danielle La Porte, Jordan Bach, Tara Stiles and so many more on Gabby’s Youtube channel. Gabby also spoke at a TEDxWomen event. See out the video below where she explains that we are all responsible for sharing our light.



Melbourne Event

Nine and a half years later after listening to her intuition and choosing a sober life in the light, Gabby toured Australia speaking to hundreds of men and women in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

In Melbourne, Gabby hosted a three hour event where she spoke about living a fulfilling life with a Q&A session. Afterwards, she signed books.

At her events she used personal stories to demonstrate her spirit junkie values.

We’re all human. Even Gabrielle Bernstein makes mistakes. But she emphasises it’s how fast we bounce back from those mistakes which is what really matters.

Gabby said it’s our responsibility to be happy and live in the light. When we do have breakdowns, Gabby encouraged us to thank our intuition for helping us to see situations differently. Then forgive and move on living in the light from a place of love.

Many of us don’t even realise we have these false fear based stories. That we’re not good enough. That we need outside success to feel good. That we need to validate our lives with what material possessions we have.


Our words are either polluting or elevating the world quote by Gabrielle Bernstein

We way we are shapes the world.


Gabby offered us some helpful steps to live by:

  • Be a non-judgemental witness of all that occurs
  • Be willing to see things differently
  • Practice stillness and meditation. Be in touch with the flow.
  • Pray not for what you think you need.
  • Forgive yourself. Forgive others.
  • Give more of what you want to receive
  • Measure success by how much fun you’re having. This is a tool #46 from the book Miracles Now.

Gabby challenged us to live the next 40 days judging nothing that occurs. We should just witness what goes on in our lives rather than judging how we look, what others do and anything else that happens. And when we do catch ourselves, forgive, thank our guides for helping us to see it differently and release.

She recently said on Instagram, “Our deepest struggles are the catalysts for our greatest change.” Gabby is worth following. Gabby is very active on social media – Facebook, Twitter and InstagramGabby’s Youtube channel also has countless useful videos. Gabby also posts regularly on The Huffington Post.



  • How do you catch yourself when you’re making judgements?
  • How do you discover the stories which you’ve created about yourself?
  • How do you express gratitude for your life and the blessings in it?
  • How do you forgive yourself?

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