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October 31, 2014
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Welcome to the second post of Wholesome Road!


Wholesome Road is a platform to share ideas about living the most fulfilling, wholesome life possible. And every thought, decision and action affects the quality of our lives.


Our Choices Shape Our Lives

The concept of living on a Wholesome Road all starts with choice. For those of us around the world, lucky enough to have the freedom to live the life we choose, we have a plethora of decisions to make every day.

  • We choose whether we eat to fuel our bodies, or to satisfy our taste buds.
  • We choose to either move our bodies and build their strength, or to keep them stagnant and over-rested.
  • We choose whether our thoughts, mindsets and actions come from a place of love, or somewhere less positive.

While we do choose many factors in our lives, we can’t always control what’s going to happen. Although we strive to live well, it’s not always possible to be perfectly wholesome 24 hours a day.

Part of why I created this blog was to add to and arrange some of the information available about how we can improve our lives by the wholesome choices we make.

Our choices are a combination of pros and cons paired with our gut feelings

Think about the attributes of a decision but also consider the feelings about a decision. That way when we consistently make choices in line with our values, we know we’ll be satisfied.


Anna Wise, a highly experienced meditation expert and researcher, explained our choices in one of her books Awakening the Mind.

  • “You can have choice not only of the external, such as choice of where you live, choice of your friends, choice of your career or jobs, choice of what you read or study, choice of what you eat, choice of how you dress, choice of where you go and how you spend your time. You can also have choice of your thoughts or the contents of your mind, choice of your emotions, choice of your attitudes, choice of your habits, choice of your behaviours, choice of your actions, and, very important, choice of your reactions.

Life always has its ups and downs. What matters most of how we choose to live with these fluctuations and act according.

Our choices matter.

We decide daily how much love we share and how much appreciation we have. We decide what to put into our bodies. We decide how to move our bodies. And we decide what to think.


Information Overload

Every single day we are bombarded with information. We see thousands of advertisements telling us how we should live our lives. We have access to endless information online which most of the time can be used to argue both for or against a point. We are a part of social media giants which target information to our perceived interests. And we communicate with a range of people both in person and digitally.

We can’t always choose the information we come across. What we can choose is how we react to that information. We can assess the information that promotes wholesomeness and take actions accordingly in alignment with how we want to live.


List of influences on our choies

For anything that we consider, someone else in the world has no doubt been through a similar situation. Everyone is simply acting with the information they have available.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many factors in life that help us make choices. I think we should all simply take what information will benefit our lives and leave the rest.


Encouraging Awareness for Better Decisions

One of the most important aspects of living wholesomely is being aware of our actions (along with their trials and adjustments). When we are aware of what we do and how we are, we can continue to transform into better human beings throughout our lives.

No one knows for sure, but this life could be the only one we get and I have no doubt that we should all make the most of it.

Over the past few years I’ve really tried to become more aware about what I spend time on and put effort into. And I’m still learning something new everyday. I’m consistently making slight adjustments in my life which improve my health, well-being and productivity. I have:

  • Diaries filled with events and emotions so I can reflect on what I value.
  • Enough bookmarks (both online and physically) to fill a library.
  • A food and movement diary to see how I nourish my mind and body.

Slowly but surely, I’ve come to realise that we’re all beautifully imperfect and we should strive to beat only our own personal bests.

Success is simply deciding why we want to do something, then taking action to ensure we do what we want to do. Having awareness of how  we spend our time and why we do things can help us make better decisions.


Living A Wholesome Road Commences

Now I consider myself to be an average young woman. I’m simply one voice in seven billion.

Disclaimer: I’m not a perfect candidate for a healthy living blog. I’m not an athlete. I’m not a chef. I’m not qualified in nutrition or exercise. I don’t have a illness that’s forced me to live a certain way.

Over the years, I often haven’t even been aware of how my daily choices have affected my well-being and my actions. But I’m prepared to look at how I can change what I’ve done in the past for better results in my future.

I’ve been dabbling in living wholesomely for many years without a guideline or structure of how I should make the most of my time. There are good days and days that could have benefited from more reflection.

After years of trying to stay on a wholesome track but regularly veering onto another course entirely, I have decided to live in a way that encourages my mind, body and soul to have wholesomeness tied into all areas.

Check out more about Wholesome Road.


A Whole Mission

Because I want to feel good in my mind, body and heart, I’ve created Wholesome Road to document the journey and connect with others on similar travels.

The mission of Wholesome Road is:

To encourage readers (& writers) to live a life that motivates you to be the best version of yourself in your mind, heart and body.

I enjoy working with other people for beneficial results for all and that’s what I’m trying to do here. I’m hoping to share my experiences of living in a wholesome way while connecting with like-minded people who will hopefully share some of their experiences with me too.

Thanks for joining me here on this Wholesome Road and I’d love for you to get in touch 🙂 Feedback is always appreciated.



  • How are you already living your own wholesome life or are you looking to live on a more wholesome road?
  • How do you ensure the information you receive and the actions you take make you feel wholesome?
  • How do you help make yourself aware of your daily choices?
  • How do you know that you’re beating your personal bests?
  • How did you come to find Wholesome Road?

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