About Wholesome Road

Wholesome Road is a personal blog documenting a journey of living one big wholesome life.

Wholesome Road wants to encourage readers to live a life that motivates you to be the best version of yourself - mind, heart and body

Wholesome Road’s Mission

The content on Wholesome Road encompasses it all – inside and out, head to toe, mind and body, soul and divine.

We like exploring things in life that make us feel fulfilled and nourished. That’s what living a Wholesome Road is all about.

Wholesome Road’s blog posts include information ranging from nutrition and exercise, to discussions about spirituality and meditation.


The Sections of Wholesome Road 

First, we have the Live section, where you will find some of the handy hints and tips that I have come across in my quest to improve my headspace, and overall way of living.

Next up we have the Move section where you will find a whole bunch of posts related to health and fitness.

The Eat section encompasses food habits, and lots and lots of tasty, nutritious recipes.

The Book section is where you will (surprisingly) find books I’ve reviewed that have added value to my life and which I highly recommend reading.

The Events section is where I’ve shared Melbourne and Australian based events which have lightened my soul.

Life is good outlined in the sand

We all have plenty to be thankful for. You’re here. Breathing. Reading. You’re privileged.

Wholesome Living

Wholesome Road is the place I’ve created to share the things in life that make my mind, body and soul feel wholesome. I’m dedicated to living a fulfilling life while spreading love, appreciation and joy every day. Wholesome Road is an outlet for me to arrange and share all of the knowledge, tools and actions I use to improve my way of life.

Information that has benefit is essential for progress, and sharing that information is even more important.

Charles Munger quote - the best thing a humna being can do is to help another human being know more

Appreciate the knowledge you receive and pass it on.

We all have to deal with tough situations in life. Having a clear mind enables you to approach any tricky situation with your best foot forward and your head held high. Ensuring that your body and mind are in optimal condition, will boost your ability to adapt to any situation, and help you to face the world with your shoulders straight and strong. Wholesome Road strives to share information with readers which helps to make those tricky situations less sticky.


The Lovely Lady Behind Wholesome Road 

Wholesome Road was created and is managed by a young woman living in Melbourne. I’m using this blog to document my journey of living a wholesome life and to connect with others who are on similar journeys.

I’m a normal person striving to live an outstanding life. And I know there are others out there!

I am aware that I don’t know everything but I’m dedicated to learning all that I can. I’ve created Wholesome Road in the hope that I can connect with some like-minded people and share some enlightening discussions.

I consume knowledge every day as I know there is the information, people and activities out there to ensure we all live a big life that utilises our potential. I love to hear about what other people do in their own lives to help themselves, and their loved ones, to live wholesomely.

Note: I’m not qualified to offer advice on nutrition, exercise, or life in general. I am just another avid learner who devours what information I can, then wants to share the good bits.

I am the first to admit that I do not know everything. Although I’m not an expert in  many subjects, I’ve collected information which has improved my life and I’m wanting to reflect on, share and discuss ideas that can improve lives.


Book & Product Reviews

I believe in everything that I write on Wholesome Road. If I’m endorsing something for a third party, you’ll be made aware of that.

All of the books, products and activities I mention and recommend have had positive effects on my life. Perhaps they will add something positive to yours too?

I’d love to discuss ideas with people who have anything to contribute to a topic (which is everyone). So if you have an amazing book or product to recommend, please, do let me know about it!


A wholesome book which encourages better living

A Wholesome Read

Guest Posts

Currently all posts are created by this one young lass in Melbourne. However,  Wholesome Road is open too accepting guest posts from other writers who will be credited accordingly. My ideas, posts and pictures are also available to be reposted on other blogs – with permission.

If you see something that tickles your fancy, feel free to visit the contact me page and get in touch!


Wholesome Events in Melbourne & Australia

Wholesome Road is based in Melbourne, Australia. I regularly attend events which link to wholesome living. If you are hosting, or know of a wholesome event coming up, I’d love for you to let me know about it. I strive to regularly step outside of my comfort zone to investigate topics and events which could be of benefit. I could come along and review the event for the blog.



All feedback is welcomed. Feel free to comment on any of the posts or contact me via email and say hello 🙂



  • What does living wholesomely mean to you?
  • What do you like to do to make yourself feel good (that is good for you)?
  • Do you think there is something missing from Wholesome Road or do you have something to recommend?

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