4 Week Energy Diet – Julie Maree Wood

January 8, 2015
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Julie Maree Wood is an Australian naturopath and nutritionist who has dedicated her life to helping others feel more healthy, happy and alive.

The 4 Week Energy Diet should be called 4 Weeks for an Energy Lifestyle. It combines food for fuel with lifestyle factors of time and space to help you to maintain your optimal energy throughout your days. There’s a big emphasis on getting enough sleep and ensuring you’re eating the right foods to give your body the best sources of energy.

Julie has a wonderful holistic approach to health and she says, “Your diet is everything in the world that nourishes you or feeds you.” We take in an enormous amount of information every day. It’s essential to ensure our bodies and minds are getting the material they need to perform their best.

Julie explains how there are 5 types of energy we need to maintain: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Vital and Physical. We need to listen to our bodies and minds and take note of what makes us feel lively or lethargic. Then we need to work to nourish our souls with things that make us feel energised.


Your diet is everything in the world that nourishes you or feeds you quote by Julie Maree Wood

Take note of what information you take in everyday. Is it serving you?


Eating Plan

The ‘diet’ starts off with two weeks of cleansing so that your organs are recharged. The two weeks focus on cleansing your liver and bowels – two of our greatest organs which processing energy. Weeks three and four have a focus on implementing sustainable positive changes in your diet and lifestyle which make for an easy transition into healthy living. Here are some recipes from the book.


Main Sections

The menu section is packed with easy recipes including traditional mains, breakfasts, lunches as well as snacks, deserts, teas and other drinks.

One of my favourite recipes was the Ice Cream. Julie suggests making delicious homemade ice cream with banana and lemon juice. Just two ingredients are all you need to create a creamy sweet snack. Banana ice cream is extremely easy to make and you can blend almost any frozen fruit.


Bonus Material

This book is fantastic as although there is a full eating and exercise plan that you can follow, there are easy implementable tips throughout the book to improve your mind, body and soul. These tips include:

  • 10 Foods to Boost Energy
  • 10 Ways to Boost Brain Energy
  • 10 Energy Boosting Supplements
  • Tips for Beginning Meditating
  • Little extra gems like putting a note by your desk saying “breathe and relax



There is a comprehensive section on meditation which is extremely helpful for beginners. There’s a FAQ section where Julie answered the question, can I skip the section on meditation if I can’t meditate? Julie explained that she gets these kind of questions and comments from almost everyone who comes to her health clinic. She emphasises that our busy minds simply need time to relax and recharge. Quiet time or learning to be peaceful or learning to meditation can do this for you. Anyone can meditation at any time. Find somewhere quiet and focus on your breathing for a few minutes and let thoughts come and go.


Cartoon businessman meditating while hands push tasks towards him

Five minutes of quietly breathing can rapidly improve mindsets, focus and energy.


Julie Maree Wood

Julie is a naturopath in Sydney. The 4 Week Energy Diet was written for busy people who want to make simple adjustments in their lives for better health. Julie has delivered with this book. You can read an extract here. Check out The 4 Week Energy Diet on Booktopia where you can see photograph extracts from the book.



  • Do you think you get enough sleep?
  • Do you focus on the value of energy that you get from your foods?
  • How do you ensure your environment feeds you with energy?

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