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Loving Yourself – Inside Out with Anastasia Amour

November 6, 2015
Inside Out ebook review by Anastasia Amour

Body, love!

How do you speak with yourself?

Do you praise more than you critique?

Do you share compliments, support and love with yourself like it’s your most important relationship?

Have a think about how you express self love and body love.


Self Love

We all have bodies and we all view others through our human meat suits. But more often, rather than being encouraged as young boys and girls to love ourselves, we’re told not to boast or be proud of our bodies.

Self-love and in particular, body love, is rarely spoke about. And this is a great tragedy. Without loving ourselves first, we can’t fully open our hearts to others.


Anastasia Amour

And this is why I love Anastasia. Not only did she overcome a huge lack of self and body love, she’s now dedicated to helping others to improve their relationships with their inner selves.

She’s going down in the history books.

She started a #ProjectPositive movement to help women re-establish healthy relationships with themselves for FEARLESS BODY CONFIDENCE.

Anastasia is one of those beautiful souls that, like many of us, had many demons. She overcame her own struggles with eating disorders and now she supports others to do the same.

If you want a little taster in to what Anastasia is all about – check out her post about 8 Ways to Learn to Love Your Body.

You can read more about Anastasia and her bad ass view on life and being free to enjoy all the good things that humans should, check out her website.

Anastasia Amour - Body Love Expert

Anastasia Amour – Body Love Expert


Inside Out

And, the best news – Anastasia has an eBook coming out on November 14th!

It’s called Inside Out and it’s all about the self-love. She takes us through a 14 day reflection journey to reconnect with our inner goddess. She’s done her research and her techniques are based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which focuses on repetitive progression for lasting change.

The tips and tricks in the book are so practical, easy to do and will leave you feeling filled with love.

Anastasia emphasises healthy mental habits, forgiveness and creating a loving relationship with your body.

Life, love and relationships are never ending journeys.  There are beautiful and tough moments. Inside Out helps us to truly appreciate the good in our lives and shows us how we can deal with the difficult times.

She sets out 14 days of simple and easy exercises where we delve into our beliefs so that we can build ourselves up to be stronger and even more loving.


Spread the Love

Not only for yourself but for others too.

We can’t control how our bodies were created. No one can. That’s part of the wonderful beauty that makes us all different.

When people are happy and healthy, we’re going to spread that light with others in our lives causing ripple effects across the globe.

Anastasia gets us to think about more ways we can be with ourselves to make us feel fulfilled from the Inside Out.  So that we’re not relying on external sources for happiness.

Anastasia’s work opens up the conversation for people to really enjoy their relationship with themselves and with others – without negativity, jealousy, or toxic body related statements.

Check out Anastasia’s book, Inside Out, for a journey towards even more self-love and care.

Even if you don’t purchase the book, check out her site – It’s a wealth of fun, useful and empowering articles on her site all about loving your Body, Mind and Soul.


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And get hashtagging with us – #InsideOut and #FearlessBodyConfidence



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Happy wholesome roading, readers!

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